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Some Key features

With these features you can facilitate engagement between students and teachers and also make learning a great experience


Manage Courses

Create, organize and populate contents for your students in an easy but flexible manner.


Online Forums

Setup forums through our forum manager to help facilitate interracting and information exchange


Tests and Evaluation

Setup up tests, examinations and assignments to assist with evaluating students performance

Key Benefits

There are alot of benefits for using our platform to create a learning experience for your students


Easy and affordable

With a low cost monthly subscription offering and no lock in contracts, you can get up without needing a developer to build.


Simple to Use

The platform provides only the necessary tools for each roles and eliminates user complexities


Integrates easily

Easily integrates a payment gateway and other related educational services through our API module. We also offer integration services

What Our Testimonials Say

Hear what some of our customers are saying after using our platform

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